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Dynamic and proactive, our agents take good care of your security

Secure the safety of a person, a place or an event!
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Control your costs and reduce losses
due to theft or vandalism in your company.
Our qualified and professional security guards
will protect your equipment and installations.
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For your own safety or the one of your company, make the right choice!
We offer a complete range of services as well

as qualified security guards
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Ensure your protection with Tactic Security

Based in the Gatineau-Ottawa region, our agency also offers services in Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and Ontario.

At Tactic Security, we care about your well-being. Aware of the many risks that an individual or company may face, we have established a complete range of services to protect you. Our surveillance, guard, personal protection and property and site surveillance services ensure a safe environment and provide peace of mind to our clients.

Our expertise, combined with the high level of quality of our security agents, allows us to offer a personalized, comprehensive and strategic service. Our trained team is ready to respond to your specific needs for a flawless protection.

Personalized service

Whether it is to prevent loss or theft in store or to secure a place, our strategies are designed specifically for you.

Professional team

Our security agency offers you a 24/7 surveillance service and a discreet and dedicated team.

Creative strategies

Tactic Security offers you a modern monitoring solutions with guaranteed results as well as complete protection.

An experienced team with safety at heart

With many years of experience in various fields such as business management, security and team management, our team has everything you need to ensure complete security. At Tactic Security, our objective is not only to offer you peace of mind, but also to help businesses prosper by helping owners reduce losses related to theft. Our security agency is composed of many security agents, whose mission is to make your environment safer, whatever it may be.

Michel Bissonnette
Michel Bissonnette
With 17 years of experience in business management and as CEO, I see the importance of training our successors, showing them the importance of honesty,
Anne-Marie Aubé
Anne-Marie Aubé
General Director
Passionate, determined, motivated by challenges and oriented towards human relations, I am eager to offer our clients professional security agents. My goal is to provide

Let the statistics speak for themselves

We have
more than
arrests per year
We have
more than
security guards
years of service

Our services

At Tactic Security, we use the best practices to make sure that we offer our customers the highest levels of security services...

Shoplifting is an ever-increasing scourge for many companies in various sectors. Whether it is department stores...

Site supervision is more than ever a priority. Indeed, theft on site represents thousands of dollars in losses for companies...

Our security guards are specialized in various protection plans for event sites. Whether during a festival, a private, cultural...

The close protection security guard is commonly referred to as a bodyguard. At Tactic Security, our security agents are trained to...

Whether it is to secure an event, a construction site, a store or a company, Tactic Security's security guards are there to ensure...

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What our clients are saying about us

Our team make sure our customers are satisfied 100% of the time.

"We have had the privilege of doing business with this company since April 2016. I can therefore attest to their skills and the quality of their service. In addition,  they are real references in their field of expertise.”

Geoffrey Soucy Executive Director

“ With Tactic Security’s collaboration and personalized approach, we noted a significant improvement in terms of reduction of shoplifting and inventory control”.

Jean Bellefeuille Administrator, Pharmacie Jean Coutu

“We hired Tactic Security to assist us in our store surveillance in order to minimize our losses.  Michel and its team made a comprehensive evaluation of our needs based on a targeted and personnalized strategy all within budget.”

David Marquis Métro owner

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Our security guards are professional, respectful of your privacy and committed to providing first-class service.