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Are you a security guard with great resourcefulness looking to surpass yourself professionally? We are currently looking for security officers available to fill our various positions in the Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec City regions.

Make a difference in a company that allows you to showcase your skills by applying for an exciting job at Tactic Security.

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    Role and responsibilities

    * Have a valid security agent’s license.
    * Ensure compliance with the security procedures in place.
    * Monitor the area.
    * Maintain order and prevent any undue agitation, crime or theft of property.
    * Discourage inappropriate behavior.
    * Enforce the safety regulations in force in the establishment.
    * Expel unwanted intruders and strollers, if necessary.
    * Write reports and controls.
    * Guide and give general instructions to visitors, customers, and suppliers to reach appropriate locations.
    * Collect and record lost and found objects.
    * Conduct periodic rounds to inspect designated areas of buildings or sites and identify anomalies.
    * Conduct searches, arrests, escorts and physical control, if necessary.

    Position requirements

    * Ottawa: Hold a valid security agent’s license issued by Ontario.
    * Quebec: Hold a valid security agent’s permit issued by the SSO.
    * Good oral and written communication skills.
    * Available to work day, evening and night.
    * Be able to stay up for long hours.
    * Able to travel to work assignments


    * Good judgment
    * Analytical skills (risk analysis to protect the interests of the client and the institution)
    * Punctuality
    * Be efficient and competent
    * Discretion


    * Experience as a floor detective
    * Security guard certifications
    * 200 hours of practice in the field
    * Autonomy
    * 3 years of experience
    * Excellent physical condition
    * Living in the Outaouais, Montreal or Quebec City area
    * Being a first-aid attendant

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